Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I Exist... I Think

Whew, it's been a busy few days we started pumping insulin! Thanks for the emails, messages and calls about our pump start. I had been told "it's like being diagnosed all over again" and so had braced myself for the worst. It's really NOT like being dxed all over again. For one thing, the emotional rollercoaster, the anger, all those things you go through when you grieve... that's not there, really. (Because I did go through a grieving process at dx... you are grieving for a way of life, for the illusion of a 100% healthy perfect baby/child...) But I wasn't grieving with the pump start. Not any more so than any other day living with diabetes.

Our numbers are already MUCH better. And yesterday morning, our son said, "Hey... this pump DOES make my life easier!" when he didn't have to give an AM Novolog shot with his meal. We are still doing a partial dose of basal Lantus each day, because I am dead scared of ketones and we also just want the freedom to disconnect for longer periods, him being an avid swimmer and all. But one shot per day beats the hell out of 5-6 per day!

This is big news on the diabetes circuit and so I thought I would share... I am noticing now that as the book publicity hubbub dies down I am focusing so much more on diabetes... hmmmm.... And I thought I was such a brainy writerly type too... You know, it was so odd being listed as a resource for dLife (the cable show on CNBC with former Miss America Nicole Johnson hosting), I even joked about it (I mean, am I not a newbie? A pathetic and greener than the grass newbie who even SQUIRTS INSULIN INTO HER EYEBALLS when attempting a site change? Yah, pathetic may be too mild a word), but, I just can't seem to shut up my mouth about diabetes. STILL, I will try not to analyze, and just go with the flow. Here's the article:

Transportation Bill Passed in Congress to Prevent Discrimination Against Employees With Diabetes

American Diabetes Association Led Effort to Repeal Blanket Ban on People with Insulin-Treated Diabetes Driving Commercial Vehicles

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 1 (PRNewswire) — The transportation legislation, passed last week in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, contains an important provision that will help end discrimination against people with diabetes who seek employment as commercial drivers. The American Diabetes Association led a coalition to enable qualified individuals who must use insulin to properly manage their diabetes to operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce.... {more}
This is great news as it's yet another step in eliminating discrimination against those Americans with diabetes.