Monday, September 19, 2005

Where Have I Been???

I have been WRITING! Isn't that absolutely, fucking CRAZY??? Boy howdy but I am thrilled to be back in the saddle again. Truth be told, I am capable of creating any number of distractions before I take to that... WRITING THING.

Baseboards need cleaning? Here comes my toothbrush!

Oh, the rat crapped all over the Barbie DreamHouse TM??? I'm THERE, boy HOWDY!

I can find any number of ways to avoid writing THAT YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE.

So, I SABOTAGED MYSELF. Sabotaged my own ability to fuck up my writing life. (YAY ME!) I took a computer that WILL NOT, CANNOT, AND DOES NOT go on the Internet, and I take it daily to the LIBRARY. Where they don't bug you, fuck with you, or ask you to answer the phone.


Anyway, I know I have neglected this blog for the last little bit. I am sorry.

But, I DO HAVE A DISCUSSION QUESTION FOR YOU~ which has created a HUGE amount of discussion on my diabetes email loop!

PRESUMING that your child, boy or girl, has diabetes (as I know many of my readers do). And presuming your lil punkin (as mine does) has a 3-6% chance of passing her/his diabtetes on to her/his progeny ~ (chances go up with a boy for some unknown reason)~

a) would you recommend to your child that he/she have children....or adopt?

b) KNOWING that s/he, PARTICULARLY if s/he married someone who also has T1D, has a whopping 30% (1 in 3!!!!) chance of giving birth to a child with T1D... knowing what you know now, all the tests, all the worry, all the a1cs and all the blood sugar tests all those horrible moments at the opthalmologist's WAITING to hear what they said... all those QUESTIONS for the nephrologist, all those fears.... would you let all go quietly, with your child, and grandchild? Or would you put up some great big fight?!

Would you recommend adoption to your child?

Would you want your grandchild to go through the 3,650 needlepokes every year? The insulin shots, the a1c? Most pointedly... the complications??

Whoa! This question created about 60+ replies on my email list, just in one day. Some said, God gives you what you can handle and we can handle D as can our child. Some said, please let's do all we can to stamp out D, let's not encourage our kids to reproduce. And some said, let's never limit our kids, in ANYTHING, damned the consequences.

What do YOU think? Even if your life is unaffected by D, I would love to hear what you think???