Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hi! This is a photo of me. I'm a novelist living in Northern California. My first novel, THE BITCH POSSE, will be published in May or June of 2005 by St. Martin's Press. It will be published simultaneously in the UK under the title THE BITCH GODDESS NOTEBOOK. My agent and her co-agents have also sold rights in Holland. I'm not sure what the title is going to be there. I'm working on my next book now. I love my agent and editor, and I'm going to New York next week to meet them, along with some people in-house at St. Martin's.

The writing, sale and publication of this novel has been an amazing process, which I'll write more about later. Right now, I'm just trying to learn how to set up this blog. If you are looking for something to read, head over to Maud Newton... she's my favorite literary blog.
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