Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tragedy Close To Home

Today I had planned to post another Girlfriends interview, maybe some photos of the puppy, but some horrible news from my friend Barb Marche (she's the Canadian who wrote the essay on Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes for this blog... scroll through the archives if you're curious) has absolutely paralyzed me. As many of you know, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 in July of 2004. It has altered our lives forever.

Just over a week ago, Paul Beckwith, known as "Pumper Paul" to the diabetes community, went to bed along with his family. There was no one around to see or hear him as he slept. He suffered an extreme low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and fell into a coma. His wife discovered him the next morning, unable to rouse him.

Paul hung on in a comatose state for several days before he became yet another victim of this horrible disease.

In Barb's words: "He was an absolutely incredible human being who was looking forward to restarting his life with a new pancreas. He didn't wait for life to happen however. For close to 20 years Paul advocated for insulin pumps. Paul's legacy is the insulin pump bill in Ontario and the provinces that have followed."

Paul was 53 years old with two teenaged daughters. he had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 14. He said insulin pumping had given him his life back.

The scenario that killed Paul is known as Dead in Bed. Yes, this disease can kill those who use cutting-edge technology, who take vigilant care of their diabetes. It is my nightly terror. That cure can't come soon enough. INSULIN IS NOT A CURE!

You can send a notice to the family here.

Tribute to Paul Beckwith

They have also requested donations be sent to either the Canadian
Diabetes Association or Trinity Community Church in lieu of flowers.

The oher stuff goes in the blog tomorrow. I'm numb.