Monday, June 12, 2006

It's OUT and British Posters

Hi all,
Blogger ATE my last attempt at posting this, so I'm going to type fast and cross my fingers!

A friend told me that the paperback version of The Bitch Posse is OUT NOW! She saw it at the front tables in Borders. Even though the release date isn't until tomorrow, I guess I can say the book is officially published. WHEE! Last year at this time, when the hardback came out, I was flipping out and driving myself and those around me completely bonkers. This year I'm a bit more easygoing... for many reasons. *winky thing* I hope you will go take a look at your local store if you get the chance. The paperback has a very cool double cover~if you look to your right, you'll see it. You can open up the white part and the background image is complete behind it. Everyone at St. Martin's has done such a great job!

One of the things that's been keeping me occupied this time around is the end-of-the-year kids stuff. (see Dreamcatchers entry, below!) Finally that job is complete (except sweeping bay leaves, bugs and so on off my bedroom floor). Now, it's onto a book proposal for my new book. I am enjoying this type of writing! It's really different from narrative writing, but it comes quite easily to me. However, I am pounding away at it, hoping to complete it before the 3rd grade campout and Disneyland. :o)

Speaking of magical things, check out these posters from my UK publisher!

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These are to promote the British paperback throughout the British Isles. They distributed over 200 posters like this throughout the country and now they are appearing at bus stations, train stops, and streets throughout the UK. I am not sure where the first and last of these are located, but if you squint you can see the middle one is in Edinburgh, of all places. As in, SCOTLAND. Where they wear KILTS and stuff and play bagpipes and whatnot. Ohmigosh! Orion, my British publishers, have really done an amazing job with this and I couldn't be happier.

Speaking of the bizarre, I'm having an ISSUE with some of my beauty products. It's very strange, but proves to me that alcoholism is a true allergy. Any beauty product which contains alcohol--doesn't matter what kind--sets off ginormous cravings in me. And I have a few facial toners and things like that which, if I use them, absolutely drive me insane, and make me think of drinking again.

I know I'm not unusual in this. People with addictions should stay away from any addictive substance. I know someone who 'slipped' on their pet's painkillers. Don't laugh--addiction is deadly serious.

I read in Stephen King's memoir, On Writing, that someone accused him of drinking the hairspray. "No," he said, "I didn't drink the hairspray. I drank the Scope, it tasted much better."

Isn't it scary that I can relate to those things? These items never bothered me before since I always had plenty of alcohol around the house, but now that it's gone... the truth about what these substances contain is painfully clear to me.

I have put my offending beauty items all in the trash and am going to replace them with witch hazel based products instead. Those don't bother me at all. I'm just glad that I have learned something and that those products didn't cause a slip of any kind. WHEW!

Speaking of the topic, I am celebrating a big recovery birthday on Wednesday. ***GGG*** My life could not be better. So, in honor of that, I will close with a quote.

"For those still to come, you cannot believe the view from here - wow!"