Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dial Up, Schmile Up

I have come to the conclusion that without the advent of high speed internet, THERE WOULD BE NO BLOGS.

A) No one would read them.

B) No one would write them.

There would be no discussion boards either. Amazon would be a text-only site.

Yeah, it looks as if we are on dialup for another week or so, thanks to Earthlink's giant fuckup. In the next few days, though, be on the lookout for a great interview with Alison Pace, author of PUG HILL. I SOOOOO owe Alison a blog. She's been quite patient!

Um... It might be a little un-intensive, graphics-wise. That's okay, though, I'll link you with Alison's site so you can experience the splendor of PUG for yourself! (It really does have an adorable cover. Google and see.)

What the hell did we used to DO when we were waiting for pages to load? I seem to remember arranging paperclips and pencils a lot more... I may have even had a BOOK near my computer as I awaited things to load onto the screen. I might have even EDITED! One thing is for sure. A lot less Internet time-wasting takes place around here!

If you are waiting for an email reply, I beg for patience. I cannot get into my website email at all, and won't be able to until the DSL comes back. The Yahoo account works, but I am soooo behind. Bad me! Bad!!!

See you soon,