Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blog for Diabetes Day~Big Success!

Hi everyone, thanks for participating in the first annual Blog for Diabetes day! (See below for explanation.) I enjoyed reading everyone's posts, and reading all the comments you sent my way. And wow! According to my statcounter, yesterday saw a HUGE jump in traffic! Was that true for you guys as well?

Also, a big thanks to Gina at Diabetes Talkfest for arranging it all.

I wanted to link to the blogs of a couple of author friends of mine who also blogged about diabetes yesterday. You may have missed them since they aren't official members of the O.C. (diabetes online community), but here they are:
Angela tells about her personal experience with gestational diabetes.

Gayle Brandeis posts a poignant poem about her family history of diabetes, titled "Cut, with Sugar."
Check them out!