Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Nothingness

I'm always so TIRED on Fridays. This is also partly because I have been frustrated all week at having so little time to work... the kids have had early dismissal every day for conferences. Anyway, all I have in me today are LINKS.

I'll admit my first reaction to the story about the guy who got super-glued to a Home Depot toilet seat was to laugh. But read this story and you realize that poor Bob Dougherty was treated HORRIBLY by Home Depot during and after the incident. (He is suing Home Depot because he believes the incident triggered his diabetes Due to a serious heart condition, he actually lost consciousness during the incident. Home Depot employees ignored and made light of his pleas for help.) Someone asked why didn't he use a paper seat cover... well, according to the story:
Before Dougherty sat down, Cohen says he tried to grab "one of those waxed-paper, oval-shaped products that establishes a protective layer between a toilet seat and the skin." Dougherty calls it an "ass gasket" and suspects it would have saved his butt. Whatever one calls them, they were gone that day.
The poor guy. It's humiliating for him to go public with this, I imagine, but I do hope Home Depot pays big-time.

Here's a link whose humor speaks for itself... a New Yorker review of Scooter Libby's sex novel, complete with excerpted naughty bits...

Do you or does someone you know do a lot of work for JDRF or another outstanding charity? Then take the time to write 250 words about them for Country Living, and have the chance to win $5000 donated to the charity.

And a huge THANK YOU to Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin, who just vetoed an anti-stem cell research bill. The American Diabetes Association says: "Wisconsin has been a leader in breakthrough stem cell research, and today's action ensures that this research can continue unimpeded. Those of us who champion the fight to find cures and better treatments for chronic and deadly diseases thank Governor Doyle for allowing researchers to continue their important work." The full story is here.