Thursday, September 29, 2005

Arizona School Risks Student's Life

Sheesh, do we live in the Dark Ages or what? This stuff happens more than most of us realize. I'm glad he's taking legal action, though.

This is Alex Lagman. He is 17 years old and has Type 1 Diabetes. When at school, Alex IS NOT PERMITTED TO CARRY THE EQUIPMENT THAT KEEPS HIM ALIVE.

From The Arizona Republic:
Diabetic sues school district
Student not allowed to carry testing gear

Geri Koeppel
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 29, 2005 12:00 AM

A lawsuit was filed Wednesday on behalf of a diabetic student at Mountain Pointe High School in Ahwatukee Foothills who was told he could not carry his glucose testing equipment on campus.

Alex Lagman, 17, of Chandler, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on his 12th birthday and has been self-monitoring his blood sugar using small lancets to prick his finger four to 10 times a day. The Arizona Center for Disability Law filed the suit against Tempe Union High School District in federal court on his behalf.

The school wants Alex to visit the nurse's office for testing, said his father, Bruce Lagman. But that's not practical, he said, because if his son's blood sugar is very low he might not make it across campus without passing out. Also, he said, the nurse is not always available, and the trips would cause his son to miss class.... {{MORE}}
Read the whole story (and prepare to get royally pissed off). It's blatant discrimination and is an OUTRAGE.

Of course, this very same thing happened to us when we were looking for summer camps. Not one would allow our son to carry his testing equipment with him. Long story short, we didn't do any camps. But still, schools receive federal money and therefore CANNOT DISCRIMINATE LIKE THIS.

Alex said it all:
"I don't think I should get in trouble for trying to live healthier."