Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thackeray's Books Closing in Toledo

This makes me so sad. I spent a lot of time in Thackeray's when I was a creative writing student at nearby Bowling Green State University.

"Thackeray's Books, a popular West Toledo independent bookseller for nearly 22 years, will close its doors in May, a victim of expanding competition and rising costs.

"One of the competitors contributing to the retailer's demise is Ann Arbor's Borders Group Inc., which will open a book and music superstore at about the same time in nearby Westfield Shoppingtown Franklin Park." {more}

Besides Borders, there's also a Books-a-Million opening in Perrysburg. Thackeray's was an icon and it's terrible to lose it. I even remember these little local-access TV spots they had, "Explore the bookstore with more... Thackeray's Books."

It's a sad day for Toledo.