Sunday, January 30, 2005

How Much Would You Pay For a Paperclip in Laguna Niguel, CA?

It's quite lovely. The seller comments (emphatically):

This is a ordinary paper clip, nothing special, just your everyday run of the mill paper clip. Why would I put a paper clip on Ebay? Well, I will list the reasons.

1) This paperclip is not special, it is not shaped in the form of the Virgin Mary or John Lennon or anything like that, but it is a damn fine paper clip. It holds like 10 pieces of paper at a time!

2) I am not poor, but I would like to get a lot of money for this paper clip. I work way to hard and never get to see my kids and wife. I would like to get a lot of money for this paper clip so if you know somebody who is rich, please forward this link to them so they may consider buying my ordinary paper clip.

3) It is a good tax write off? (Probably not, you should consult your tax professional, maybe you could use it as an advertising, office supply, or some other expense category that the IRS comes up with every year.)

4) Will I give the money to the poor? No, I need to simply take a break from working day in, and day out, to pay the bills. You can understand that can't you? There is so much money going to the poor every day, this is a welcome change so an ordinary guy can catch a break. I have usually zigged when I should have Zagged. I am not dumb, just a bit unlucky. Maybe you can help me catch a break?

5) Who in their right mind would buy this paper clip for a lot of money? Well, I am going to do a news release to all of the well known news services telling of the buyer, and the sales price for a paper clip. It may even make the person or company buying the paper clip richer via the publicity, but maybe not. We both could hope to get on the Tonight Show or Oprah or something like that?

6) So, lets see how much this normal, everyday, slightly used paperclip will sell for. Place your bid today! .... (;-) Forward this to as many people as you can...