Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Someone just told me I've been blogged by BuzzGirl in her report about upcoming big titles from St. Martin's. OmiGOSH. She sent everybody over here, too.

But, erm, SHEESH, I'm feeling a TAD self-conscious now. Like somebody opened the bathroom door while I was taking a shower. Or like some straightlaced PERFECTO Stepford Mommy dropped by and walked into my living room, which is decorated with crumpled underwear and petrified cereal bowls and little nippy-nappies from packages and paper airplanes made of medical bills and math sheets that say I HATE MATH at the top and one pink rainboot and oh, that SAND AND MUD stuff that always seems to be tracked in, and, and, and...

Does this blog make my butt look fat? Tell me the TRUTH, people.