Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another One That Is Not To Be Believed

Remember this entry? Here we go again. In Massachusetts, Douglas Greer, a black school principal, was beaten by five white police officers as he was having a diabetic attack. Now the officers are back on the streets as the NAACP pushes for another investigation. From the Springfield Republican:

"SPRINGFIELD - A day after the city's Police Commission cleared them of any wrongdoing, five white officers accused of beating a black school principal in November returned to street duty last night.

"Local officials of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Urban League said last night they will not be satisfied until a requested federal probe into the incident is completed....

"Greer has said that he was suffering a diabetic attack when officers dragged him out of his car, beat him, and accused him of being a drug user while ignoring his pleas for medical help. He has since filed a civil suit against the city, the Police Department, and the officers.

"The officers contend that they wrestled him to the ground and restrained him from flailing his arms and legs for several minutes, but did not beat him." {more}

But three to four eyewitnesses saw the beating.

This story disturbed me a lot, particularly because Greer was pleading for medical help at the time of his beating. His 'crimes' were being diabetic, being black, and being in the 'wrong' neighborhood.