Friday, January 14, 2005

Stephen Elliott's Powells Interview

I was first turned onto Stephen Elliott's work by the inimitable Maud Newton. When I read HAPPY BABY, I was completely blown away by the emotion and truth that the pages contained. I write "risky" fiction too, and HAPPY BABY simply broke my heart.

Since that time, I was lucky enough to participate in a Q&A with him at BackSpace Forums, and I learned he is an incredibly nice guy in addition to being a fabulous writer.

HAPPY BABY is now in paperback, and Stephen recently was featured in one of Powells' famous author interviews. You can read Stephen's interview here. In it he talks about how he came to write HAPPY BABY, the themes he explored, and lots of other interesting stuff!

I've also linked to Stephen's website and blog on the right hand links column. Please do pay him a visit!

If you haven't read HAPPY BABY, please go and read it. Immediately. In fact, since Powells was so cool as to profile Stephen, why don't you order his book from them? Powells has free shipping in North America for all orders over $50. {/commercial}

(Book cover image is a hotlink.)