Monday, March 26, 2007

I <3 Eddie Izzard

Just because he is so darned cute.

Well, and the comic genius thing. Yeah, there's that. But at the mo', I love Eddie Izzard because he is bringing to life a forgotten part of our culture--the Travellers who live in the Southern part of the United States. Izzard's new series, "The Riches," is about a group of modern-day Travellers who, well, travel the countryside in a battered RV before settling into a McMansion in suburbia... and taking on the identities of the home's deceased occupants.


Minnie Driver is also stunning, edgy, and sexy, as the drug-and-Nyquil addicted mum in the series. The kids are great too. The casting in this show is spectacular.


The Travellers featured in the series travel the Louisiana area mainly. They are descended from the Irish Travellers about whom I write in my current novel--the travelling vagabonds who take in the faery changeling, Tink. Travellers are not Gypsies. The Gypsies are of Romany descent and are not Irish. The Travellers are of Irish blood, though some Irish would not have you think so. They are also known, in a somewhat pejorative sense, as Tinkers. There are other names for them that aren't so nice. I won't pollute this blog with this sort of hate speech but if you Google Irish Traveller slang you will find them.

Some of these Irish Travellers came to America during the potato famine. They continued their travelling lifestyle in the USA.

Non-Travellers are "buffers." This is a corruption of the word "buffoon." This makes me a buffer. I'm OK with that. I will forever be a buffer. However, I have IMMENSE respect for the Travellers. I have read quite a bit about the Traveller culture and have studied bits and pieces of their secret language, the Shelta. The Shelta is not Gaelic. The Shelta is a secret "thieves' cant" that is a practically dead language. It took me about a month even to find a source for this language. I am currently inhaling anything to do with Travellers, either in the USA, Ireland or England.

Why I love "The Riches":

It's sexy. "Fake it like a buffer." Say no more! Eddie Izzard is nice to look at too. It's that bad boy look that captures me.

It is dark and violent. Self explanatory.

It is funny. I mean, c'mon, this is Eddie Izzard here.

It is inspiring. I do not necessarily get a lot of research out of this show since it is about an entirely different era of Travellers, not to mention they are living in a different country. But is it ever hot. When I watch this program, it makes me want to write.

Eddie Izzard is nice to look at.

See, he is going to rip you off, but you won't really care, because of the fact that he is such glorious eye candy.

"The Riches" is on FX at 10 PM PST. *HIGHLY* recommended!