Sunday, September 10, 2006

American Zombies Invade China

An acquaintance is working teaching English in China and has requested books for the English Language Library. What a great chance for us to filter through our bursting bookcases!

Her request specifically said no religious material. (Interesting in that she is working with a Christian group in China.) It also said to be aware that the students in China will get some of their ideas about America through these books, so select carefully.

I had kind of mixed emotions putting the box together for her. Annoyance prevailed, even though I do want to help her and help the Chinese students, etc. My book collection must be pretty dark, I guess, because I don't know how I can possibly give away ANY of my books now! The Chinese kids will assume that:

Americans are all serial killers

We're all a bunch of sexpots (well, aren't we?)

We're a bunch of child abusing Christian fundamentalists,

or else strung out transvestite child prostitutes (Or else we don't exist--JT LeRoy himself is a fiction, as most of you know and which Laura Albert has finally admitted--That's why I am purging my collection of "his" books)

This left about one book that was able to be donated:

But this also gave a bad impression of American life.... for bunnies.

I just gave up. The Chinese are getting them all. Even the ever-controversial:

HA! It's not America, it's Prince Edward Island! Gotcha...