Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tasers and Diabetes

I pulled this attorney's comment to the forefront in the hopes that someone can help him out.. Although he doesn't explicitly say so, I am sure his client is diabetic. I am going to pass this to my diabetes email list as well. I hope someone can help him and/or his client (Gruver was shot and injured by a Taser some months ago because police thought he was drunk and disorderly--DESPITE THE MEDICAL ID HANGING AROUND HIS NECK--an incident which strikes terror into my heart, because, that could be MY SON, someday)~

I am an attorney representing a woman shot by a taser gun. The officer mistook her for being drunk and noncooperative when she would not open her car door after an accident. Never mind that he violated department policy because she represented no danger to him and was not willfully resisting lawful orders. She was in no condition to do anything.

Through internet research I found this other case of Gruver. What I am wondering is if such electrocution can cause any long-term medical effect, if that is possible. The client reports a decline in white blood cells and increase in blood pressure.

Can anyone answer this question or point me in the direction of someone who could render an opinion?

James Egan
Seattle, Washington