Sunday, August 28, 2005

Whoosh! A Bullet Just Spun By...

This evening, unbeknownst to anyone, including him, and in addition to his regular dinner bolus, our son accidentally bolused for 162 grams of carbs.

The only reason I discovered it was cause he unclipped his pump to take a bath and I decided to glance at the bolus history, just to catch up on my log before his clinic appt on Tuesday. HOLY SHIT. Sorry, but HOLY SHIT.

I called him in from the bath... God, can you imagine? Taking a bath with that much insulin onboard? He would've passed out in the water. Glucagon, 911 call, paramedics... the script is very easy to write. That is a massive amount of extra insulin.

I called the clinic emergency line, who ordered me to begin feeding him fast-acting carbs ASAP. So within the space of 20 minutes, that's what he had... 3 juice boxes, 1 juice can, 2 tubes of cake mate decorating gel, 9 glucose tablets, a huge bowl of cereal with vanilla soy milk... I tested him about every 10 minutes for a half hour and he never got below 96 or over 150... although he looked so low there (even though the meter wasn't registering low, he must've on his way towards a serious crash) and he even said "I want to go to sleep... please let me sleep... I can't eat anymore... I'm going to be sick..." If I'd let him sleep, he wouldn't have been waking up without a glucagon injection.

At last he got everything in. Finally, an hour and a half later he seems pretty stable (though peeing a ton... well, with all that juice!) so I fed him a peanut butter apple to keep him stabilized through the night. Any high tonight, I am not supposed to correct at all. I'm to check him every hour until midnight and then I'll probably get up at 3 to check again. Oh. My. God. Can you imagine if I hadn't peeked at the pump? SCARY.

School starts tomorrow. I was so excited about it, but now the night from hell awaits us. Oh, and he has a stomachache too. No wonder. But I'm just glad he didn't puke up all that juice and stuff. I think it's all gonna stay down.