Sunday, January 16, 2005

Two New Ones from AM Homes!

I am so totally thrilled to hear this news, I can't stand it. From Publishers Lunch:

A.M. Homes' novel THIS BOOK WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE, about a man in his mid-fifties who lives a cloistered life, estranged from all including himself, who is brought back into the world by an attack of unbelievable but unlocalized pain and a sinkhole which begins to open up outside his house in the Hollywood Hills, leading him into a deeper relationship with his son, and into a life full of meaningful connections with other human beings, for publication in April 2006, and a memoir, IN THE MISTRESS'S DAUGHTER, examining what it was like growing up adopted, and fleshing out the story of her birth mother, a nervous and secretive woman who never married, also looking at the more universal themes regarding the nature of the family and how we form attachments and construct a sense of self, for publication in April 2007, to Paul Slovak at Viking, by Sarah Chalfant at The Wylie Agency (NA).

Homes' short story "A Real Doll" is available online. A cult classic, it appears in one of my favorite books, THE SAFETY OF OBJECTS. It's a wickedly deranged and wonderful story about a kid's affair with his sister's Barbie doll. Her interview at Barcelona Review's a few years old, but you gotta love this exchange:

BR: Do you see yourself being groomed for the role of spokesperson for so-called women's issues or issues of domestic or sexual violence? Is that a role you are willing to accept?
AMH: The End of Alice was my fourth book and while there's a lot of sex in the book, it is a novel about ideas, about culture, morality and sexuality. I am not interested in being a spokesperson for anything. I am interested in writing fiction which raises questions, which provokes discussion. I think it is the job of fiction--of art in general--to generate work which encourages people to look at themselves and the world we live in more closely, or perhaps from a different point of view.