Thursday, December 14, 2006

Adam's Routine

I thought this was really interesting and found it via Diabetes Health online. This is Adam Morrison's daily diabetes routine. Adam of course plays basketball for the Charlotte BOBCATs, and has Type 1 Diabetes.

Lots of you already know that we met Adam personally when he played a game at USF, back when he was still playing NCAA ball for Gonzaga. Adam was so kind and asked our son lots of questions about his pump, answered our questions and offered his encouragement. I'm still a fan!

Game-Day Preparations

A typical game day for Morrison is as follows:

8:45 a.m. Wake up, test and bolus accordingly

9 a.m. “I eat a balanced breakfast—usually cereal and toast. Something where I know the exact number of carbs and how my body reacts to it.”

Mid-morning: Shoot around with teammates

Lunch: Test and bolus accordingly. “Then I’ll eat a foot-long sub sandwich with a lot of meat. Just something that will fill me up without a lot of carbs.”

4:45 p.m: Arrive at the arena. “They’ll have my meal ready for me. I always eat steak and a baked potato before the game.”

Game Time (7 p.m.): Once the game starts, Morrison tests and makes sure he has a suitable BG range.

“I like to have it between 120 and 180 mg/dl. I feel comfortable at that range.”

His trainer makes sure the bench area is stocked with orange juice, apple juice and glucose tabs, as well as Morrison’s meter and insulin. Morrison wears a pump, but must detach before games.

Time Outs: “Pretty much every time out, I test my blood sugar and if I need to take a shot I do. If I need to eat something, I do. I just try to stay on top of it during the games. I’ll usually test up to seven times during a game.”

Halftime: “Throughout the game, my blood sugar usually rises a little bit because of adrenaline. At halftime, I make sure I get it between 120 and 180 mg/dl.”

After the Game: “I try to get my blood sugar to around 120 mg/dl.”

For both his basal and bolus needs, Morrison uses Humalog in his pump.

Of note and perhaps most amazing: Adam has never gone low during a game since high school.